ZLHRP 04 Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all and your family.

It would appear 10m is not as dead as I first thought, I’ve managed to kick my 10m vertical up another couple of feet, to around 23ft high. I’d still like to get this at about 32ft over the next few weeks.

I’m hearing quite a few VK beacons on 10m, Quite low down at this stage but they are there, VK4RRC, VK4RST and VK2RSY are the ones I’ve managed to decipher so far, there are a couple more even lower but at present haven’t managed to decipher them yet.

Changes to ARRL Governing Documents changes https://cqnewsroom.blogspot.co.nz/2017/12/changes-proposed-to-arrl-governing.html?m=1

No Sunspots means challenging propagation

Changes in the density and structure of the ionosphere affects the transmission path at high frequencies and can even block HF radio signals completely.

The ionosphere relies on Sunspot radiation – the more there are usually the better the propagation. The solar cycle or solar magnetic activity cycle is the periodic 11-year change in the Sun’s activity and appearance.

We are still in Solar Cycle 24 which is the 24th since 1755 when extensive recording of it began. The present cycle started in December 2008. It reached a maximum in April 2014 with the smoothed sunspot number only 116.4, the lowest in over a century Scientists can’t explain the Sun’s bizarre behaviour, being divided between it being a fluke or a sign of a deeper trend.

In 2017 there have been more than 100 days with no sunspots. The next Cycle 25 is predicted to start by 2020 peaking about 2024-25 and forecast to be another weak one.

Source: Wireless Institute of Australia

Wellington VHF Group BBQ – 27th Jan 2018

The Wellington VHF Group & Kapiti Branch would like to invite everyone in the Wellington Area to join them for a BBQ at Queen Elizabeth II park from 3pm.

Picnic area 7 will be allocated to us and entry is via Wellington Road, Paekakariki. More information at https://vhf.nz/node/528


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