Has 10m been abandoned?

Having a scan around the 10m band over the last week or so I find it interesting that the 10m band is so dead. I have heard a few VK’s on an FM repeater located in Melbourne (4323km away) on 29.640MHz but other than that not much else, in fact nothing else, no CW or anything and definitely no ZL’s what so ever.

Has the 10m band been abandoned for the most part?

I’d expect if I can hear an FM repeater from Melbourne in the middle of the North Island then surely the propagation is there for the rest of the band, especially if you flick on a CB and hear an absolute mess on CB CH35 (27.355MHz), Aussie and NZ all over the place fighting for their noise to be heard on one channel. Surely that same propagation would be close enough to the 10m band to make it viable?  Maybe I’m missing something and need to do some more research into propagation between frequencies.

Maybe I am barking up the wrong tree and the propagation is a different kettle of fish for 10m over a CB band.

Anyone else keen to try and get some activity back on 10m? I don’t yet have an Antenna up for the 80/40/20m bands (That’s a work in progress) but I do have a vertical for 10m 🙂 which I’d love to actually be able to say I’ve had a QSO on at some point.



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