Radioddity GD-77 AREC Codeplug

So, after purchasing a Radioddity GD-77 Dual Band DMR/Analog radio I have become somewhat hooked on the thing.

It actually out performs my GT-3TP’s in most respects. The lack of being able to program PRS frequencies and listen to certain channels is a bit of a pain. Means I need two radios with me. But, for DMR this thing is pretty good considering the price I paid.

Anyway, a new Firmware version was released which enhanced some memory spaces etc, so I had to rebuild a codeplug from scratch.

Note: This codeplug is only usable if you run CPS v2.0.5 and Firmware 3.0.6. older versions will have corruptions.

Currently it includes AREC DMR repeaters, 70cm National System and a couple of 2m simplex frequencies. I also included a complete datadump of ZL call signs. No Brandmeister currently included. I will add this and update the file at a later date.

UPDATE (17.12.2017): Due to locating an error with some repeater frequencies from a codeplug provided to me earlier, I have updated this to reflect the corrections.

Download The File HERE

This file is provided as is.

GD-77 Channel Config



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